Sunday, January 21, 2018

"Red and Blue #1, 2018"

This very expressionistic painting has a real presence of power. The piece is acrylic on canvas 46" X 46"

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Locomotive Series

So I am finally getting around to doing something I have been thinking about for for several months now. I rediscovered this painting from 2014 and thought this would make for an interesting sculpture series. My intention is to explore this theme in a variety of ways, materials and scale. The piece pictured on top is titled "Locomotive". The same as the painting as it is fairly direct interpretation. This piece is quite heavy. The base is 1/2" plate steel and much of the rest is 1/4" plate. Makes for piece as solid as it's name implies. Below is a small table top steel piece that is currently in progress. "Iron Horse" , 28" X 14" X 4". A bit more welding and grinding and then to decide on how to finish. patina, paint etc.
I hope to also do a large scale piece based on this general composition. The larger pieces will be a more direct interpretation of the painting. The small sculpture, "Iron Horse" was made with industrial salvage/found objects, so the materials dictated the composition. The next go at it will be pieces I will cut to more closely match the design in the painting. Stay tuned!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

"Black Diamond"

"Black Diamond" Acrylic on Birch panel. 16" X 48" This heavily textured "shaped painting is my latest in this series. The use of underpainting and interference paint gives the painting a shimmering quality that changes as the light conditions change. Looking almost entirely black to almost entirely blue. In most light conditions it appears a little of both.

Sunday, November 5, 2017


"Lemongrass" Acrylic on birch. 16" X 48" This is another in my ongoing series of "shaped paintings". This is one of nineteen paintings in this series that will be exhibited at the Vue at Lake Eola, Orlando.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Shaped Paintings

Some new shaped paintings as I gear up for my show at the Vue at Lake Eola in Orlando. Kirsten Gjermo is curating the show and she first took notice of my small shaped paintings I did in the spring (2017). We exchanged correspondence over the summer while Deb and I were in New York. She and I agreed that I needed to scale them up for this space. That was my intention and the small pieces were an opportunity for me to work through some of the technical considerations. I hope to continue to work larger as I continue to explore this concept. I am encouraged by the positive feed back that these works are getting. Many of the initial small shaped paintings sold right away. Stay tuned as I post more of these as I finish them.