Friday, March 27, 2015

Two Recent Steel Pieces - SOLD

"Nesting Bird" is a steel table top sculpture that is now in the collection of author Tracy Lamphere in Colchester, Vermont. Tracy and I were old school chums going back to fourth grade. We haven't seen each other in about forty years, but have reacquainted on Facebook. Within ten minutes of posting this piece he inquired about it and in less than hour he decided he needed to have it perched on his writing desk. Tracy has two books, "Vermont Maple" and "The Mill" with a third on the way. The books fall under the thriller and suspense genre. The second piece is a bit of a departure and is a wall mounted piece. "Daphne" measures just under 26" X 8" X 2". The form is an amalgam of a female torso and a wild flower. While suggestive of both is actually neither and therefore an abstraction of the two. I have used both raw and rusted steel to provide contrast and give the steel a more organic quality. "Daphne" is currently available at Gallery on First, Sanford, Fl. or contact me directly. As always shipping is available. Both of these works are now sold.