Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sculpture by KV Abbott

These pieces have been posted here before, but I have been getting interest in some new projects and thought this would be good to show prospective clients. Both are steel fabrications made of mild steel, cut, shaped, welded and powder coated. These two pieces are both out door sculptures that are mounted on top of concrete pedestals which are sitting on a footer. (click on an image to view larger)

The piece at the top is titled "Organica" and is installed in front of the Central Square, NY Public Library. The sculpture was made possible by a grant from the New State Council for the Arts, (NYSCA). "Organica" is a modernist style piece inspired by a piece of sea weed I found on a beach in Nova Scotia.

The second piece is titled "Of Course It Is". An Ayn Rand inspired modern,industrial statement that stands over 9 feet tall on it's pedestal and is 54 " wide at it's widest point.

I currently have two residential projects pending and two public projects on hold due to funding.

I am happy to design sculptures for interior or exterior settings and work can be done in stainless steel, *Corten and the painted mild steel shown here.

Pricing is determined by design, size and materials.

*Corten steel is a steel that actually rusts for a natural aged look. The steel will only rust to a certain point and then due to chemical reactions actually hardens.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Triangles and Arches, 1965, Empire State Plaza, Albany

I was in Albany yesterday and was just stunned by this Calder piece at the Empire State Plaza. Alexander Calder has long been one of my favorite sculptors. This piece is so powerful with the reflecting pools and the Ayn Rand, "Fountainhead" inspired modern architecture towering behind it.