Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Home Again" by Kevin Abbott II

"Home Again" by Kevin Abbott II stands over seven feet tall and is made of ice and snow on South Main St. next to our gallery in Central Square.

Perhaps wanting to express his joy of being home again and inspired by the documentary film "Rivers and Tides" by Andy Goldsworthy. Kevin set out to use the ice and snow he had just removed from the porch roofs of our building at 628 So. Main St.

The sculpture evokes the spirit of Winter Carnival and is reminiscent of Stone Henge.

Nice job Kevin!

*"Rivers and Tides" is an award winning documentary film by British artist Andy Goldsworthy who makes incredible art out of stones, twigs, leaves, you name it, even snow and ice.


Jaime Lyerly said...

I can see why you referred to the "Rivers and Tides" movie on my blog. I am amazed by the size of the ice blocks used here.

Mick said...

My congratulations to Mssr. II. I was amazed at the size of the blocks as well. Good job!

mary p said...

welcome home kevin!
your sculpture is fabulous..recycling at it's best!
loved the sunset, too...
miss you all..mlp