Friday, December 17, 2010

"October's Children" SOLD

This collage is part of a series I began working on in the late 1980's and continued with until the mid 1990's. I explored combining photography and painting using both my own images as well as those I found at flea markets and antique shops.

This body of work broke down mainly into two groups, figurative and non figurative and then again into sub groups of modern (my own) images and found antique images.

This was a fairly fresh and cutting edge thing I was doing at the time, but has since been done and even over done by many other artists. I took a lot of flack in a recent review of my work for these pieces. The show was somewhat of a retrospective so I felt it was certainly worth including some of these works, as they represented over a decade of my career. The criticism was fair and as I stated at the time, looking at them today they may seem dated and revisiting something that has been overdone, but keeping in mind they were done twenty years ago, I think changes how one views them.

Regardless of the criticism, these pieces remain popular and I have now sold almost all of them from that time period. I have less than a half dozen left from well over 60 pieces completed, framed and exhibited from that body of work. This particular piece, "October's Children", is a good example of the work I was doing in 1992. This collage sold yesterday and will be a part of a very fine regional art collection.

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