Monday, January 23, 2012

"Gertie" $190.00 SOLD

"Gertie" is my latest photo collage. This piece is archivally matted and framed and measures 11" X 14".

"Gertie" continues a long, ongoing series of photo collage that I first began around 1988. I produced several dozen of these using "found" tin type photographs between 1988 and 1994. I then revisited this series a couple of other times briefly in the late 90's and then again in 2010 for our show at Edgewood Gallery in Syracuse, NY.

I enjoy doing them and every now and then I come across more tin types and sometime shortly thereafter produce new pieces.

Work from this series has been included in several gallery shows in New York as well as a number of group exhibitions in museums and other venues. The series has won awards and been critically reviewed. Some good, some not as much, but overall mostly positive. To date most have sold, although I do have a few that have hung around.

"Gertie" will be one of several new pieces that I will have on display at Gallery On First for the Sanford Art Walk this Friday, 6-9pm.

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