Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Man For All Seasons

No, not Sir Thomas More, but a good friend and a man who constantly challenges himself and never stops learning, exploring and reaching for more in life. Dr. Charles Laman, or Chuck as his friends call him. Chuck's accomplishments are many, from marathon runner, mountain climber (he has climbed four of the highest peaks in the world) and canoe racer to name just a few. An artist an art collector,at age 60 Dr. Charles Laman sold his thriving dental practice in keeping a promise to himself, to focus on things more important in life than making a living. It was time to spend the the rest of his life living, really living and creating. To become the artist he had always wanted to be. In my humble opinion he had already done more than most could ever dream of in a lifetime. Chuck is one of those "Energizer Bunny" types we all know. He starts his days early and finds interesting things to do. Not one to sit in front of a TV. He is an avid reader and accomplished in a variety of mediums from photography, ceramic pottery, both hand built and wheel thrown, watercolor and scupture. He is one of those people that never stops creating and sees beauty in everything, especially nature. Nature is something he has in abundance on his 32 acre off grid camp near the Adirondack Park blue line. The two pieces pictured above are just two of several sculptures along the road into the cabin and small works are found randomly throughout the property with many more works in progress at every turn. This man is for all seasons and continues to challenge and inspire those fortunate enough to know him.

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