Sunday, April 9, 2017

"Small Odd Shapes"

Each year the resident artists at Gallery on First in Sanford put together an exhibition we call 100 for $100. A collection of works priced at $100.00 or less. Some artists use this as an annual garage sale and mark down older or less successful work. A chance to clean out the studio. Debe and I do not take that approach. While it is difficult to do work in this price range, we always come up with a series of new work made specifically for this two day show. In my case, I experiment with ideas that I may want to try on a larger scale. It allows me a chance to work through both aesthetic and technical issues on a small scale. The pieces pictured above are examples of my series "Small Odd Shapes" made for the 2017 show. Inspired by the work of post-minimalist Richard Tuttle and the large scale shaped canvases of Kenneth Noland, Susan Roth and Graham Peacock. I have long admired the work of these artists, but have yet made an attempt at large scale shaped work. These miniature works ( 15" X 5"ish X 1") are mixed media on wood.

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