Saturday, July 25, 2009

Untitled Digital Image

I have enjoyed very good sales of photographs and digital images over the years. The last several months in particular have been exceptional despite the poor economy.

This image is part of an experimental body of work that I am presently working on. I am printing these images 20" X 30" and transferring them to canvas. I also plan to apply bees wax and resin over the top to give them a hand painted quality and appearance. I have done similar work in the past on a smaller scale.

The advantage to this process is it will be possible to make multiples therefore allow more affordable pricing. I will however make no more than ten of any image and only one at a time. In essence a limited edition print hand applied enhancement.

These will sell framed for $600.00 whereas an abstract painting this size would be twice as much or more.

Stay tuned for more....................


dolls like us said...

I like what I see in other months of art but this blog doesn't have much art in it?

Julie said...

This is quite a departure from the other pieces of art I have seen on your blog. Although I am not a big fan of digital art, I do find this piece quite interesting.

KV Abbott said...

We show a broad range of artwork in our gallery. Most of the abstract and modern art to include digital is posted on our 'Modern Art Blog", TIMEFORFRIDA. I'm glad you find it interesting.

Anonymous said...

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