Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"Ancient Future # 2" SOLD

"Ancient Future # 2" Mixed Media on Rag Board. 13.5" X 17.5" framed. $190.00 Currently available at Gallery on First, Sanford, Fl. or contact me directly via e-mail. kabbott765@netzero.com. During our move we unearthed a number of older pieces long forgotten. Some ended up n the dumpster while others went into a two stacks. One stack came with us to Florida and the other remained n New York. This mixed media painting is one that made it's way to Florida with us. I Am in the process of going through these works and this is the first that I decided to frame. The date on the back indicates that I made this in 1993. Deb and I have dozens and dozens of unframed paintings and we will gradually select some for presentation. This one strikes a chord with me, I hope others will enjoy it also.

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